MVC Pattern for UGUI

最近看了 PureMVC for UGUI 的实现,感觉有点过度设计了。Unity 基于组件模式的风格,没有层次关系管理或者约定的话,组件之间复杂的相互依赖会是噩梦,但这个问题 PureMVC 并没有解决,而且还多出来N多冗余脚本。

自己实现了一个 MVC Pattern,放到github上了,还做了一个 Editor 工具来生成模板脚本。为了与国际接轨,特地做了英文的 括弧允悲,赏脸给个 star 吧


=== MVC Pattern Framework for Unity3d GUI System



  • Holds no view data nor view state data.
  • Is accessed by the Controller and other Models only
  • Will trigger events to notify external system of changes.


  • UGUI Prefabs


  • Each Presenter corresponds to a View
  • Holds references to elements needed for drawing
  • Receive User Input
  • Notify Controller when an user input
  • This script is a UI refresh operation function set


  • Controls view flow.
  • Holds the application state needed for that view
  • Will trigger events to notify external system of changes.
  • Handles events either triggered by the player in the View or triggered by the Models
  • Each Controller corresponds to a Presenter and holds the reference of it’s Presenter
  • Holds the references of the small Controllers under this controller


  • A notification dispatch mechanism that enables the broadcast of information to registered observers.
  • Add observer in Controllers
  • Post notifications in Models
    void Start()
        NotificationCenter.DefaultCenter.AddObserver(this, "UserDataChanged", UserDataChanged);
    void OnDestroy()
        NotificationCenter.DefaultCenter.RemoveObserver(this, "UserDataChanged");

Create Controller and Presenter from Template

  • Click menu Template Scripts and Create
  • Type class name and namespace
  • Then it will create two scripts, one Controller and one Presenter Diagram


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